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Toshiba outs world first wireless SD card at IFA

Toshiba is to launch the world's first WiFi-enabled SD memory card, the company announced today at the IFA consumer technology show in Berlin.

The new FlashAir card looks outwardly like a standard SDHC memory card and weighs in at a measly 2g. It will initially be available in a capacity of 8GB.

Building wireless communication directly into the memory card means users of devices like digital cameras will be able to use it to upload and download photos, videos and other files to their PC, phone, tablet or other WiFi-equipped device directly over a wireless network, without having to faff around with cables or card readers.

The cards will be compatible with the 802.11n wireless standard, and backwards-compatible with the b and g variants. Security is provided by WEP, TKIP and AES encryption (WPA and WPA2).

According to Toshiba's specs, the card's power draw is similar to that of a standard SD card, so users shouldn't see too much of a dent in their camera's battery life when using the FlashAir card.

Toshiba is currently seeking Wi-Fi certification for FlashAir in Japan, North America and Europe, and says the first FlashAir cards will go on sale in February 2012.