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57% Adult Brits Using Facebook, Twitter Claims Survey

Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now being used by a majority of Britons who are online.

According to a report on Britain’s online behaviour released by the Office of National Statistics, 57 percent of adults have been using social networking platforms, up from 43 percent in 2010, The Telegraph reveals.

Women were more avid users of social networks than men, with 60 percent of women claiming to be part of social networks compared to 54 percent of men. However, when it came to using professional social networks like LinkedIn, men used them twice as much as women.

Meanwhile, according to the report almost everyone belonging to the younger generation, comprising of 16 to 24 year olds, have used social networking platform, with 91 percent accessing them this year.

The older generation is also riding the social media wave with 18 percent of over 65 year olds accessing social networks this year. Also, a spike in the use of smartphones to access the web was also noted, with 45 percent of the people using smartphones for web surfing, a significant increase from 31 percent last year.

Another survey by ONS which concentrated on the usage of smartphone for web browsing purpose has revealed that nearly 45% of Britons used smartphones to access the Internet.