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£64.99 Hitachi XL-2TB Desktop 2TB Black Hard Drive

Storage solutions with 1TB and 2TB storage space are common now-a-days, but the ones with 2TB at a price that is highly affordable and that too from a well-known brand are hard to come by. The Hiatchi desktop 2TB hard drive is one such solution that would give you secure and safe storage for all your digital assets.

The 2TB drive is capable of storing all your digital wealth like movies, songs, images, etc. The drive is quite easy to use as it is a simple plug and play operation.

Quality and reliability are key features of any Hitachi product. Hitachi has delivered proven, reliable solutions for many years and it stands behind this drive by including a 2-year cover. The drive weights approximately 3.5kg so portability is not that great, but looking at the space, we guess anyone can let that part go without too much complain.

The drive is black in colour and has the capability of storing approximately 665000 digital images, 500000 Music files, etc. The drive not only comes with massive storage capacity but is also accompanied by windows based backup software so you can backup your system systematically and without any elaborate procedures.

The Hitachi XL-2TB Desktop Black Hard Drive is available from Comet for £64.99.