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Apple flogs older Final Cut versions after revolt

Apple is selling older versions of its Final Cut video-editing software after the latest version, Final Cut X, went down like a damp squib with users.

Apple fan site Macrumous was tipped off that customers were being offered version of Final Cut Studio for $1,000.

An Apple telesales representative confirmed to the site that Final Cut Studio is indeed again available for $999 (and $899 for educational customers).

The product is only available through telesales outlets and does not appear on the Apple Online Store.

Final Cut Pro X was limply received, with many users bemoaning the suite's lack of professional features.

Such was the outcry, a petition was put online by one user, Andrew Landini, who wrote: "A large corporation such as Apple, Inc. should not make 'revolutionary' paradigm-shifting changes to software which can be referred to as 'industry-standard'. This is unfair to workers who rely on Final Cut Pro as a business tool and will devastate the Final Cut Pro community."

Rather than admit it may have cocked up a bit, Apple has decided to resurrect the older - and happily quite functional - version of Final Cut on the quiet.