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Doom Gets German Nod After 17 Years

German Doom fans no longer have to envy other gamers from around the world. The 14 year old ban on this massively popular game has been finally lifted by the authorities on Wednesday.

As a result of this move, now anyone above the minimum age limit 16 can purchase the title, as well as its sequel - the Doom II- Hell on Earth.

Lifting off the ban from Doom is for sure, a revolutionary step for the country where violent videos games are treated similar to pornography, and can be purchased only for from adult-only stores.

The original version of the game was banned by the German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (Bundesprufstelle) officials as they believed that its “sadistic” and violent nature could negatively impact the emerging youth population.

IA spokesperson for the Bundesprufstelle stated in an email sent to the BBC News that the key question that concerns the organisation is that whether a game contains ‘drastic portrayals of violence directed against human or human-like beings.”

"If the game then does not contain any real alternative scenes which might on the whole 'neutralise' the violent parts, then the game is likely to be found to have a harmful effect on minors,” the email added.