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Foxconn Set To Manufacturer 20m iPad 2 Tablets In Q3 2011

OEM/ODM manufacturer Foxconn will apparently ship more than 20 million iPad 2 tablets in the third quarter of the year ahead of what is considered to be the most critical part of the year for retailers; the holiday season.

Digitimes reports that this would represent a growth of 60 per cent quarter on quarter and if true, would be more than twice the 9.25 million tablets Apple sold in Q2 2011.

At this rate, Apple will have sold (rather than shipped) around 42 million iPad tablets or an estimated 80 million iPad devices for the whole of 2011, which at an average price of $600 each will bring at least $48 billion to the company; that's excluding any accessories or derived revenue (like via the App store) that might be generated.

Despite the onslaught of Android-based tablets and the future threat of Windows 8 tablets next year, Apple may well shatter the 100 million unit barrier in 2012 which means that by next Christmas, Apple may have sold as many as 200 million iOS devices if iPod Touch, Apple TV and iPhone devices are also included.

Foxconn's profit is expected to reach $946 million with its net profit margin reaching 6.39 per cent for the first quarter of 2011, a significant improvement over last year; by comparison, Apple's net profit margin currently stands at 25.58 per cent.