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Google to Offer YouTube Movies Services in Canada

Internet search giant Google plans to launch the Canadian version of YouTube Movies, a massively popular online movie on-demand service in the near future. The services will allow movie fans to download movies through the YouTube platform to their desktop computer, television or laptop.

Coincidentally, the company announced the new service just a day after another leading name in the same domain Blockbuster Canada officially confirmed that it was going to pull the curtain on its existing movie rental outlets.

Google first launched YouTube Movies in the US back in May. However following a lot of demands from fans all across the country, the company has finally extended the service to Canada. YouTube Movies Canada will be offering older movie titles at C$3.99 and C$4.99 for newer movie titles.

"Essentially, the entire process of watching movies and watching television is shifting from conventional," said Carmi Levy, a tech analyst for CTV's Canada AM, as reported by CTV.

"Businesses that fail to anticipate that transition – and in many respects Blockbuster failed to do just that – are unfortunately being left behind," he added.