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Google Raises App Engine Prices, Developers Furious

Internet search giant Google is saying that it is all set to look to the user discussions regarding the renovation introduced in the App Engine’s pricing scheme. The search engine’s decision to dig deeper into the issue has followed the widespread vocal outrage that broke out due to the massive hike introduced into the scheme.

A few months back, in May, the Mountain View based tech giant publicly announced for the first time that it would introduce some changes in the pricing scheme of the App Engine. App Engine happens to be Google’s massively popular platform, aimed at the purpose of service offering. However, initially the new pricing models failed to attract much eyeballs as very few in the industry cared to go deeper in to the mathematics aspects.

However, after the company introduced to the users a way to calculate the new rates and their detailed comparison with the older ones, developers start comprehending the fact that their expenditures could take a steady up turn after the pricing changes are deployed.

"Google has done a major disservice to its cult of developers by changing the pricing terms of App Engine ridiculously while giving developers short notice to react," Developer Ugorji Nwoke wrote in a blog post.

"In doing so, Google may have done severe damage to their brand and the trust that developers put in them," he added.