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Judge Rules in SAP AG vs. Oracle Corp. Patent Infringement Case

At recent hearing concerning the the legal dispute between Oracle Corp. and SAP AG over an alleged patent infringement issue has brought some good news for the former. The federal judge presiding over the case has stated that the complaint brought against Oracle is “grossly excessive”.

In her verdict, Phyllis Hamilton, the US District Judge overseeing the case, explained that SAP would have to initiate a new trial if Oracle decided not to comply with her decision to lower the compensation amount to $272 million.

She also said that $272 million should be the maximum figure SAP should demand in compensation if the evidence presented to the court was to be considered.

“The verdict grossly exceeded the actual harm to Oracle. The jury verdict “was contrary to the weight of the evidence, and was grossly excessive,” Bloomberg News quoted the judge as saying.

An Oracle spokeswoman, on the other hand, expressed the company’s view by stating, “There was voluminous evidence regarding the massive scope of the theft, clear involvement of SAP management in the misconduct and the tremendous value of the IP stolen."