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Members of Hacktivist Group Anonymous Plead Not Guilty to Cyber Attack on Paypal

Rebellious and anti-establishment hacktivist group Anonymous is showing no sign of stopping its attacks on government, law enforcement and judiciary systems all around the globe.

According to recent reports, Anonymous targeted and took down the website of the federal appeals court in San Francisco for almost 45 minutes following court proceedings of the Paypal hacking case in which 14 alleged members of the group pled not guilty.

The alleged and now-freed Anonymous hackers were arrested in nine different states in the US and the district of Columbia.

"With an online companies, you don't have a physical presence that you can go protest at, you don't have a place where you can sit-in," said Anony Moose, a friend of one defendant, as reported (opens in new tab) by ABC Local.

According to a CNet reporter, the judge hearing the case imposed a ban on all 14 alleged hackers from accessing the Internet.

This means the defendants won't be able to use Twitter or use other social networks like Facebook and Google Plus. "They can't knowingly have contact with other members of Anonymous," Declan McCullagh, the CNet reporter said.