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Microsoft Employee Provides Insight into Windows 8

A Microsoft employee discusses how the company’s forthcoming operating system platform Windows 8 will treat its GUI (graphical user interface) and explains how it is different from all of its predecessors.

According to Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft employee who made this disclosure, unlike the previous versions of Windows, the new OS platform will basically treat the desktop entirely as an optional environment. This is very exciting to loyal Windows and Microsoft fans all over the world.

He also highlighted how the company has upgraded the new Windows GUI with additional tools, APIs, UI conventions and languages.

The Redmond, Washington-based Windows maker has already exhibited to the world the renovated and highly advanced UI structure of the new Windows Explorer to convince fans and users about the brand-new changes they are about to experience.

“We knew as we designed the Windows 8 UI that you can’t just flip a bit overnight and turn all of that history into something new. In fact, that is exactly what some people are afraid of us doing. Some have said that is the only path to take,” Sinofsky wrote (opens in new tab) in the Building Windows 8 blog.