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New Hacktivist Group Targets Hollywood

A new hacker group is targeting Hollywood stars and celebrities by posting their phone numbers and one case, nude pics, for the whole world to see.

Hollywood Leaks, which is an offshoot of the notorious hacktivist group Anonymous, has starting posting the email addresses of Hollywood stars like Gerrad Butler and phone numbers of actor/celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Tom Cruise.

The group, which is active on Twitter, has also released nude photos of rapper Kreayshawn, who claims that the photos were taken when she was underage.

Hollywood Leaks is on the hunt for embarrassing photos, memos, emails and whole lot of other things which can be used against Hollywood. The group has even released the script for the Tom Cruise movie ‘Rock of Ages’.

“Nothing like a #LEAK for breakfast,” the group tweeted. In comparison to its parent group Anonymous, Hollywood Leaks has yet to release something of tremendous importance, but it says that this is only the start.

Representatives of the celebrities have yet to give an official statement about the attacks and until now have maintained a stony silence. It also not clear whether the the FBI will be involved in investigating the hack attacks or not.