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Nielson Report Claims Google Smartphone OS Platform Android Most Popular in US Markets

Undisputed king in the Internet search market, Google Inc.’s immensely popular smartphone OS platform Android continues its domination over the US smartphone market, a new study claims.

According to recent data released by Nielsen on Thursday, for the month of July, 40 percent of mobile users in the US have made the switch to smartphones. Also, as this data reveals, the massive growth in the US smartphone market is primarily driven by Android alone.

The Nielsen report claims that 40 percent of US smartphone users are using an Android powered handset, closely followed by the Apple’s iPhone which counted for about 28 percent of the market share.

Android’s market share for the month of June was around 39 percent, while that of the iPhone maker remained more or less the same.

"Among likely smartphone upgraders, it is the 'Late Adopters' who are most likely to say they are 'not sure' which operating system they'd like in their next smartphone," Nielsen said, according to a PC Mag report (opens in new tab).

"In politics as in smartphones, these 'undecideds' will be the ones device makers will be hoping to win over," the data collection agency added.