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Skype Adapter Brings VoIP to Home Phone

VoIP services provider Skype has dished out a new home adapter and cordless phone that will make it easier for people to make cheap calls via Skype.

According to the company, the Freetalk ConnectMe Home Phone Adapter is capable of connecting a normal home landline to a router which allows users to make VoIP calls to other Skype users regardless of their device.

Making Skype calls using the adaptor is as easy as using a traditional landline phone to make calls, the company said. Users will be required to access the PC for the initial set-up after which no PC is required to make the calls, but only a broadband connection. Skype also said that users will be able to switch between Skype and traditional landline as well.

"Our mission is to make Skype available everywhere so consumers can enjoy conversations whenever and wherever they are," said Neil Stevens, Skype's vice president and general manager for product and marketing.

"We are delighted to have partners that help us deliver on this mission through the introduction of new products such as the ConnectMe Home Phone Adapter. Now, using Skype at home is as simple as picking up a handset and dialling." he added.

More information can be obtained from Skype’s official blog post here.