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Texas Police Department Network Under Cyber Attack by Hackitivist Group Anonymous

Anonymous hacked into the Texas police department’s network and stolen vital emails and sensitive data as a part of their operation ‘Texas Takedown Thursday’. The hacktivist group then published 3GB of stolen sensitive data online.

According to Anonymous, this latest attack, which happens to be the fourth large scale attack on the Texas police force’s cyber infrastructure in recent times, is a part of the Chinga La Migra campaign.

Anonymous’ Chinga La Migra campaign is supposedly a response to a major crack down on the group which resulted in the arrest of 16 people in July.

“In retaliation for the arrests of dozens of alleged Anonymous suspects, we opened fire on dozens of Texas police departments and stole boatloads of classified police documents and police chief emails across the state," the group wrote in an announcement, as reported by the Inquirer.

"For every defendant in the anonymous 'conspiracy' we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB of their private emails and attachments," it added.

Anonymous also called Texas police departments a group of racists and accused them of unnecessarily harassing immigrants belonging to a certain race.