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UK Kids Handle Technology Well, Struggle with Daily Chores

A new survey has shed light into the rather disturbing fact that an overwhelming majority of primary school children in the UK are capable of handling a computer quite easily, but when it comes to doing the common tasks in life such as tying shoelaces, they tend to fail miserably.

Quite surprisingly in fact, it was found during the survey that 86 percent of the five to seven years old population in the country, and that’s almost like 9 in 10, are technologically pretty sound and can handle a computer quite at ease.

The survey-results also claimed that 97 percent of the kids within the same age group were able to play computer games.

But, that was just the better side that come out during the survey. The ugly part is that, despite their ability to operate a computer with little or no difficulty, only 56 percent of those kids were able to tell the time, and worse even, only 32 percent of them could tie shoelaces.

The Kelkoo poll, which asked a wide range of questions to 1,057 parents for extracting these information about their kids also revealed that almost 60 percent of the children within the mentioned age group could ride a bi-cycle.

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