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US Retailers Cut Prices of RIM's PlayBook Tablet

US retailers, hoping to emulate the success of the TouchPad, have introduced severe price cuts for Research in Motion’s PlayBook tablet PC device. This could be a good move by retailers.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Cnet, US retailer BestBuy has started offering the 64 GB PlayBook model for $550, which is $150 less than the original price.

Even though the price cut can’t be compared to the TouchPad, 64 GB tablets for $550 are hard to come by. Market supremo iPad 2 carries a $800 price tag for its 64 GB model.

Another reason that the price cuts were as drastic as the price cuts for the TouchPad, the PlayBook has yet to be abandoned by RIM.

Best Buy is also offering the 16GB PlayBook model for $499, which is $50 less than the original price of the device. The 32GB model has also received a $50 price cut.

Meanwhile, retailer Staples has decided to offer the PlayBook tablet at 50 percent less on September 7 and 8, to increase sales for the struggling tablet device. Therefore, customers can get the 16GB version for $249, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $349. This is quite a bargain for those heading back to school or those looking to replace their old tablet device.