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£399.99 LG 42LK530T 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV

The 42LK530T LCD TV from the house of LG provides Full HD 1080p picture quality with TruMotion and built in Freeview HD, which gives you five times the picture quality of standard definition Freeview.

With 42 inch screen, the LCD TV provides 1080p (Full HD) output at 1920x1080p picture resolution containing incredible and crisp picture clarity with vibrant colours. When you compare standard definition picture quality to that what this TV has to offer, you'll see up to five times the picture clarity and detail and double the detail of HD Ready 720p. If you are looking for a TV that would give you the best setup to enjoy the full impact HD output of games and Blu-ray discs, then look no further as LG 42LK530T is the one to go for.

The LG 42LK530T’s TruMotion is known to process 100 frames per second, all but eliminating image blur on even the fastest action sequences. LG has also put in an intelligent sensor that automatically controls the brightness and colour of your TV picture, responding to the lighting in your room to reduce energy wastage.

Talk about connectivity with games console, Blu-ray player or home cinema system and LG 42LK530T gives you those options through the three HDMI ports for a true high definition multimedia experience. If the gadgets you want to connect don’t have a HDMI connectivity option, worry not as you may connect your digital camera, MP3 player or flash memory through the USB port.

With built in Freeview HD bringing you the best of BBC, ITV and C4 in glorious HD with no monthly fee or contract, get ready to enjoy the TV shows in HD.

LG 42LK530T 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV is available from eBay for £399.99.