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Full Priced HP TouchPad Refunds Denied by Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon Inc. is refusing to refund the unfortunate consumers who had purchased the HP TouchPad just before the company announced a massive cut down in the device’s price.

Instead, Amazon is now reportedly referring all those whoever come asking for a refund, directly to HP.

Much to the disappointment and fury of the consumers who bought the product at its older price, Amazon took almost a couple of weeks before finally referring them to the manufacturer itself.

It all started when HP finally decided to discontinue the TouchPad, which had already proved to be an epic failure in comparison to all the high hopes the company had launched it with. Following its decision to call it a day, the company had made available the device at a surprisingly lowered price - $99 for the 16 GB variant, and $149 for the 32 GB one.

Needless to say, the lowered price made the offer so tempting that the popularity of the, otherwise-not so-popular tablet took a steady upturn and retailers were failing to meet the sudden soar in demand.

Meanwhile, HP announced a few days back that it was overwhelmed by the crowd’s response to the TouchPad, and hence the company had decided to kick start another round of production before it finally pulls off the plug once and for all.