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Lost iPhone 5? The plot thickens

So, did an Apple realy leave a prototype iPhone in a bar (again!)? Was a bar-goers home invaded by cops? Were they really cops? Was the phone really sold for $200 in Craigslist?

We have no idea! But the plot is thickening by the hour.

Following the original tale, broken by Cnet, that described how the phone was allegedly left in a tequila bar, subsequent reports had it that San Francisco police had no record of any raid on a home in the city allegedly pinpointed by GPS and at which the phone was though to be hidden.

The householder in San Francisco's Bernal Heights said six heavies claiming to be San Francisco Police turned up at his door in search of the errant device.

Since police had no record of a raid, and after one of the heavies was identified as an ex-policeman now in the employ of Apple, SFPD spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield decided things needed looking into. "This is something that's going to need to be investigated now," he told SF Weekly, which has been ferreting through the story. "If this guy is saying that the people said they were SFPD, that's a big deal," Dangerfeld added, clearly boggled at the idea that Apple investigators had been impersonating police officers. "We take people representing themselves as police officers very seriously."

Dangerfield's investigations seem to have consisted of having a shout around the police station and making a phone call to chums at Apple. His exhaustive investigations turned up he revelation that plainclothes SFPD did in fact accompany Apple private dicks to the home of Sergio Calderón, a 22-year-old resident of Bernal Heights.

Dangerfield, told SF Weekly that the coppers "did not go inside the house," but the Apple dicks did. They also looked through the poor man's car and rifled through his computer in a vain search for the 'lost' phone.

Calderón denies ever having the iPhone, which it seems may still be out in the wild after all. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.