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£64.98 LG E1960S TFT LED 19" VGA Monitor

Looking for a slim monitor for the Desktop PC or for extended display for your laptop or notebook that is quite cost effective and quite comes with an effective design that fits your work area quite naturally? Well look no further as the E1960S TFT LED 19" VGA Monitor from the house of LG is the one for you.

With a reduced depth of 12.9mm, blue light in active mode and a transparent neck with sleek design gives you just the right balance of quality and design that would adorn the place you put it just perfectly.

The LG E1960S doesn’t lag behind any other high priced monitor in the market and with a mega contrast of 5,000,000:1 you are guaranteed to get excellent crystal clear picture quality at a much higher contrast of brightness and contrast.

With a maximum resolution of 1366x768 and input type VGA, the monitor is just right for replacing your old desktop monitor and treating yourself with one of the latest display in the industry. The monitor doesn’t include any HDMI ports for connectivity but as it is only meant to be a display for desktop PC or laptop monitor, it should do just right for that particular requirement.

The LG E1960S TFT LED 19" VGA Monitor is available from £64.98.