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AMNews: Schmidt on Google Motorola Deal, Amazon Denies HP TouchPad Refunds, Sony Ericsson Nozomi

Google has disclosed that the reason behind its recent $12.5 billion acquisition of the US based mobile giant Motorola, afterall, was not only the ample amount of patents it was pocketing with the deal but, the Mountain View based search juggernaut was also very much interested in the rich hardware standards Motorola was offering.

Amazon Inc. is refusing to refund the unfortunate consumers who had purchased the HP TouchPad just before the company announced a massive cut down in the device’s price. Instead, Amazon is now reportedly referring all those whoever come asking for a refund, directly to HP.

Microsoft Corp. is going to invest a hefty amount to train a handful of sales staffs for phone companies all around the world. Apparently, the company took the initiative so that the trained sales teams can promote the handsets running on its Windows Phone operating system platform more effectively, and in a rather appealing way.

In what could be termed as a rather shocking instance of data breach, it was found that a public body had sold a cabinet containing sensitive information about children to a furniture house. That certainly puts Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) - the organisation, which did not even bother to take out the sensitive documents before selling off the cabinet, in a rather uncomfortable position. No doubt, it has a lot to answer now.

March 2012 might appear to be a long way from now (half a year) but Sony Ericsson is apparently going to be launching a new smartphone then codenamed Nozomi, a handset that will be the flagship device for the company for the rest of the year. A source close to Sony Ericsson told XperiaBlog that the phone will come with a 1.5GHz dual core SoC (probably a Qualcomm model), 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and a 4.3-inch display with an HD ready resolution (1280x720 pixels).

Ravi Mandalia

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