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Dell planning a Streak 5 successor

Dell's stand at IFA this year demonstrates a clear focus on mobility products, with plenty of laptops, smartphones, and tablets on display, and comes with a perhaps surprising message: the Streak 5 isn't quite dead yet.

Dell's first Android tablet, the five-inch Streak - as it was originally known, lacking the numerical differentiator until its larger brother the Streak 7 was released - was seen by many as little more than an oversized smartphone, and when news broke that the company was abandoning it to better focus on the new Streak 7 it came as little surprise.

The mobility section of Dell's IFA stand, however, has several of the compact little devices on display - despite the company's decision to cease production. We caught up with Dell's EMEA marketing director Erik Day just prior to the show to find out what is going on with the Streak 5.

"It's interesting - we are still selling Streak 5 in the market, and that's why we're showing it," Day told thinq_ at the company's IFA stand. "We are currently looking at what the follow-on product will look like. Nothing has been decided yet but there have been some really nice successes with this product, so our teams are looking at it, what we learned from this one and how we can grow in the future.

"But again, it's still out on the market, we still want people to play with it, and with the new updated Android version it's a really neat looking device - it's a tablet that you can fit in your pocket, which, you know, not many can do that."

While the main focus of Dell's tablet push is on the Streak 5, it's clear that rumours of the tablet's demise have been greatly exaggerated and that the company isn't willing to give up on the micro-tablet - or jumbo-smartphone, if you prefer - space just yet.