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Dutch Gov Investigating Recent Security Breach. Is Iran Involved?

The Dutch government has revealed that it is carrying out a thorough investigation of the recent security breaches in multiple Dutch state websites.

And according to reports, though unconfirmed, the agencies investigating the matter are closely scrutinising the possibilities of the Iranian government’s role behind these attacks.

The attacks, which exposed the vulnerabilities in the country’s cyber infrastructure, occurred right after the digital certificates of all the victim sites were stolen by unidentified hackers.

Though the investigations are still in a very early phase to reach any sort of conclusion, a statement by Google last week brought the Iranian establishment under suspicion too. Google stated that a majority of the victims of the attacks were primarily located in Iran.

The authorities are failing to provide any details on the extent of damages caused by the hackers, and neither do they have any clues regarding how many compromised certificates were used in order to penetrate through the security shields.

Meanwhile, DigiNotar - the private company which looks after the security authentication aspect of the country’s cyber infrastructure has come under attack by the Dutch government, and reports are that its operations have been already taken over by government agencies.