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Facebook To Provide Translation for Comments?

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which will allow its users to translate wall posts in the language of their choice with a single click.

According to Inside Facebook, the feature is visible only to a handful of Facebook users at the moment.

When users receive a comment on their page in a language that is not their account’s language, a new Translate button will appear next to the comment, allowing users to translate it into their own default language. Users can click ‘Original’, which appears in the place of ‘Translate’, to view the original message.

The new feature has been designed to make it easier for Facebook’s 750 million+ users to communicate with each other. The ‘Translate’ feature only supports a handful of languages at the moment including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Hebrew. But, it seems that the translation option is restricted to Facebook Pages only and users’ profiles, if in another language, do not get translated.

The company is already running a massive crowdsourcing campaign for its website involving millions of users. Perhaps that product is a result of the crowdsourcing. Other areas where Facebook is expected to introduce the new feature is the chat service and messages.