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Google Triumphant in Ohio Antitrust Lawsuit

Undisputed king in the Internet search market Google Inc. has nailed a victory in a low profile Ohio antitrust case - a legal conflict which was termed by many observers as the company’s indirect, and proxy war against the Windows maker Microsoft Corp.

The verdict of the case was declared by an Ohio state court on Wednesday, where the complainant - a local Internet company named “ Inc.” was told by the judge that he was turning down its appeal as the evidences provided against Google was not sufficient to label it guilty.

The company dragged the search heavyweight in to the court by alleging it of boycotting its website entirely in the Google search results.

Interestingly, this not-so-high-profile case had managed to bag a mass attention after Microsoft's chief outside antitrust counsel; Charles Rule decided to represent myTrigger’s ‘cause’ in the legal proceedings.

Reacting to this, a Google spokesperson reportedly said in an interview in 2010: "It's become clear that our competitors are scouring court dockets around the world looking for complaints against Google into which they can inject themselves, learn more about our business practices, and use that information to develop a broader antitrust complaint against us," according to this The Wall Street Journal report.