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HP May Produce Another 200,000 TouchPads By Year's End

Inventec, HP's ODM partner for the TouchPad tablet, may have enough components left to produce up to 200,000 extra tablets by the end of the year, as HP prepares to revive its ill-fated WebOS tablet for one more time.

Yenting Chen and Steve Shen from Digitimes report that out of the estimated 1.1 million TouchPad tablets that HP had promised to purchase from Inventec, only around 900,000 units had been delivered which means that between 100,000 and 200,000 units are yet to be delivered.

It is also understood that HP's decision to slash the price of its tablet by up to 80 per cent down to $99 (or £89 in the UK) meant that there is almost no stock of the TouchPad globally. HP has already confirmed that there will be a limited run of the tablet with availability restricted to the US and Canada.

HP's pledge to produce a few more tablets and to sell them at $99 means that channel operators and upstream component suppliers that had stocks of TouchPad components will be able to limit their losses with HP owning all the related financial charges.

The decision of HP to exit the mobile market turned out to be a brutal surprise for many, including developers and retailers, many of whom had invested in WebOS and had been enthusiastic about HP's promise.