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Late News: DNS Hijacking Affects Websites, Investigation by Dutch Gov in SSL Hack, Facebook Jesus Page

A handful of websites found themselves at the receiving end of yet another organised hack attack last night, supposedly originating from Turkey. As of now, the reports state that as much as 186 websites, including the likes of National Geographic, Vodafone and Acer, The Daily Telegraph, The Register, Betfair etc., were affected during the DNS attacks that redirected the traffic of these sites to a third party website.

Apple is reportedly using Microsoft’s Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services to power its iCloud data storage and streaming services. The report, which cited sources close to Microsoft, throws new light on the relationship between the three tech giants as they are staunch rivals in some key areas like smartphone, tablet devices and mobile apps. In fact Apple’s move to trademark the term ‘App Store’ as its own is being strongly opposed by both Microsoft and Amazon.

A diet doctor has created a Facebook page for Jesus which has had more active discussions than Justin Beiber’s page. The Jesus Daily page, which was created by Aaron Tabor, now has more than 8 million fans and 3.4 million interactions by members last week.

Computer maker Acer has claimed that Google ‘helped’ Microsoft by deciding to acquire Motorola. Google has recently announced that it plans to acquire Android smartphone maker Motorola for a whopping $12.5 billion. The acquisition, if given regulatory approval, will put Google in direct competition with its Android device partners.

The Dutch government has revealed that it is carrying out a thorough investigation of the recent security breaches in multiple Dutch state websites. And according to reports, though unconfirmed, the agencies investigating the matter are closely scrutinising the possibilities of the Iranian government’s role behind these attacks.

Ravi Mandalia
Ravi Mandalia

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