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Microsoft UK Exec Caught Up in Sexual Misconduct Row

Windows maker Microsoft Corp.’s US executives are demanding for an investigation into the recent drunken behaviour and sexual misconduct allegedly practiced by the second most important person in the company’s UK wing.

Mr. Negus, the man in question here happens to be a top executive in Microsoft, UK, and according to the allegations brought against him Negus inappropriately kissed Toni Knowlson, another top executive in the company, in a ‘wild’ company party that took place in Atlanta.

According to many of Nergus’ US colleagues, the scandal which has already rocked the company’s UK branch is capable of carrying out far more damages to its overall reputation worldwide, and hence decided to demand for a thoroughly conducted investigation into the matter.

Apart from kissing Toni Knowlson, the Microsoft man was alleged to have indulged in “flirting and touching” with the lady - something that has been termed by many as no less than a form of sexual harassment.

The company, on the other hand, seems to be in a defensive mood after the matter was brought into light by a former employee.

“These claims have been made by a former employee who was dismissed for gross misconduct nearly a year ago. It would be inappropriate to comment on the details of an ongoing legal case, other than to say we will be vigorously defending it,” a company spokesperson reportedly said, The Telegraph reports.