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Religious Fan Page on Facebook More Popular than Justin Bieber's Fan Page

A diet doctor has created a Facebook page for Jesus which has had more active discussions than Justin Beiber’s page.

The Jesus Daily page, which was created by Aaron Tabor, now has more than 8 million fans and 3.4 million interactions by members last week.

By comparison, Justin Beiber’s page, which has more than 35 million fans, recorded about 630,000 interactions.

According to stats provided by, the Jesus Daily page has had more likes and comments in the past three months than any other page on Facebook, which has more than 700 million users, according to a New York Times report.

The page was started as a hobby by Tabor, whose dad was a pastor for churches in Alabama and North Carolina. The page soon became a massive religious movement on the social media platform as more and more people joined in.

“I wanted to provide people with encouragement. And I thought I would give it a news spin by calling it daily,” Tabor said.

Facebook has traditionally been used by brands and celebrities to interact with fans and consumers, but the Jesus Daily page proves that religion can also be promoted on the platform.