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Samsung Unveils Quirky 'Extreme Retreat' Ad To Promote iPad 2 Rival

Samsung has launched another episode of what it calls its "hit branded entertainment series" called "Extreme Retreat at the farm", where a boss surprises his employees by bringing them to a farm for their annual corporate retreat to enjoy the fresh air as well as the excitement of getting up at 4am, minding sheep and driving a tractor.

Obviously, Samsung presenting the Galaxy 10.1 Tab in a farm environment in rural America proves to be particularly puzzling, with the tablet being used for anything from HD video and flash playback, Google 3D Maps, Angry Birds Samsung special stage, browsing websites and online shopping.

Even more mind boggling is the fact that there doesn't seem to be any power sockets in any of the scenes and the internet connectivity appears to be pretty good.

Previous episodes, including 'Extreme Retreat: Andes' and 'Birthday' managed to get around 2.6 million page views with the Farm episode on the verge of hitting the one million views mark.

Launched earlier this year at MWC, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet is viewed by many as the main iPad 2 competitor, which is probably why Apple chose to aggressively sue the Korean Chaebol rather than others (LG, Motorola).

Samsung has been adding a number of tablets; from the Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with the Tab 8.9 being another model that joined the original Galaxy Tab. The price of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is holding well with the cheapest model costing £399, the same as the iPad 2; a sign that the tablet is probably selling well.

(Ed : Note that this post has been sponsored by Samsung but have been written independently from them)