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Sony to Launch Less Expensive PSP Hand-Held Device to Attract Young Gamers

Sony is planning to launch a new version of the PSP hand-held targeted at young gamers.

According to an article on MCV, Sony believes that a PSP, available for less than £90, will allow the platform to grow by attracting the younger generation of gamers.

The new PSP, which was unveiled at the Gamescom conference last month, comes with a new design that does not include Wi-Fi support.

“At €99/£89 it will make a great Christmas gift. It’s a device to play UMD games. It’s all for the audience. If we are going to take PSP very young – teens and much younger – they are happy to just play the game,” said SCEE head, Jim Ryan

“If taking wi-fi out is the price to pay, we’re happy to. The €99 price tag is a real barrier that we’ve got under which will help us lift off,” he added.

The PSP has a strong fan base in Europe and Sony is hoping to build on it and expand it. The company is also expected to launch the PS Vita hand-held gaming device sometime during the upcoming year.