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Toshiba Showcases ‘FlashAir’ - First Wi-Fi Enabled Flash Card at IFA 2011

Toshiba Corp. has officially announced the launch of the world’s first ever Secure Digital High-Capacity memory card, equipped with embedded wireless LAN functionality.

This new and revolutionary offering from the company, dubbed “FlashAir” comes with 8 GB storage capacity and is compatible with technologies such as peer to peer transfers, as well as native support for downloads from and uploads to servers.

Toshiba claims that the samples of the “FlashAir” will hit the Japanese market sometimes during the coming November, and also that the card will officially go on sale in February, 2012. In regards to pricing, it has come to light that in Europe FlashAir would be somewhere around the €50 mark.

The new offering has been already on display at the Toshiba booths at the ongoing IFA 2011 trade show in Germany,

"At a time when digital cameras have achieved immense popularity, users want a quick and easy way to share photos with friends and to transfer them to and from online storage services and social networks," Toshiba said in a statement, Independent reports.

"Toshiba provides the solution with FlashAir, the world's first SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality that is fully compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard," it added.