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Transport for London Website Debuts New Bus Time Arrival Service

A new website that allows Londoners to view bus arrival times is now being tested.

The feature, which is available on the Transport for London website, allows passengers to see the arrival time of buses on each of the 19,000 bus stops in London. In the past, passengers could see arrival times on only a handful of websites from special screens.

According to an article on BBC News, the TfL has said that the service will be launched fully in autumn of this year.

Passengers will be able to check the time of arrival by entering a code for the bus stop on the countdown website. Users will also be able to save their most frequent bus stops for easy access.

"TfL has commenced user testing of the new 'countdown' system which will provide real bus arrival information for all 19,000 bus stops across London via the web and SMS,” a spokesperson for the transportation authority said.

"The existing roadside sign service is currently limited to 2,000 bus stops and this new service covering all buses and all stops will launch fully in the autumn of this year," the spokesperson added.