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Transportation of London Website Seeks Developer for New Interactive Map for Travellers

Transport for London (TfL) has invited all interested parties to submit their tenders for developing a web-based system that enables visitors to plan travel routes in an effective and hassle-fee way.

According to the tender notice, the system will be entirely based in cyberspace. The projects involves creating an interactive map aimed at steering visitors away from any potential obstacles such as traffic jams or road closures.

Surprisingly, TfL has a strict project deadline and has it made it clear that the work has to be delivered in February 2012. When asked about the reasoning behind such a tight schedule, the agency declined to disclose any details citing that the information is “commercially sensitive” at a time when the tendering process is still active.

"The planner will provide a freight journey planner and interactive map and will help operators plan their journeys efficiently and in compliance with some of the traffic changes that will be necessary (regulatory, diversional, and by vehicle size) to ensure successful delivery and minimal disruption during games-time,” A TfL spokesperson reportedly said, as reported by the Guardian.