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Turkish Hackers Target Major Websites in Latest Attacks

A handful of websites found themselves at the receiving end of yet another organised hack attack last night, supposedly originating from Turkey.

As of now, the reports state that as much as 186 websites, including the likes of National Geographic, Vodafone and Acer, The Daily Telegraph, The Register, Betfair etc., were affected during the DNS attacks that redirected the traffic of these sites to a third party website.

The visitors, after being redirected to a 3rd party site, were greeted by a message that declared yesterday, i.e. September 4 as the ‘World hackers Day’. It further defended the act of hacking by saying, “Hacking is not a crime," according to this PCPro report.

The responsibility of the attack was claimed by the hacking group TurkGuvenligi that claims to be Turkish.

Meanwhile, Graham Cluley, a prominent security expert at Sophos explained the security breach by through the Naked Security Blog saying that, “It's important to note that the websites themselves have not been hacked, although to web visitors there is little difference in what they experience - a webpage under the control of hackers".

The Turkish hacker group were interviewed by The Guardian through emails, which brings to the attention that one of the most common forms of attack, i.e. SQL injection was used by them to gain access to confidential files. The interview can be accessed here.