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US National Security Agency Proposes Accumulo Database to Apache Software Foundation

The US National Security Agency has proposed a new project, Accumulo, to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to adopt as one of its own.

According to the NSA proposal, Accumulo is a key/value store based on the design of Google’s BigTable platform.

Accumulo was designed using Apache Hadoop, Zookeeper, and Thrift project. The platform has a few key improvements over BigTable such as cell-level access labels and a new server side programming system capable of modifying key/value pairs during the data management process.

The platform, which has been in development since 2008, is currently being used by hundreds of developers that have written more than 200,000 lines of code.

“We have made much progress in developing this project over the past 3 years and believe both the project and the interested communities would benefit from this work being openly available and having open development,” the NSA said in its proposal. The NSA is asking the ASF to consider Accumulo as one of its incubator projects.

The agency said communities such as government, health care and other sectors where privacy is a concern will benefit from the project.