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Virgin Media Wins Backhaul Contract with UK's MBNL

Virgin Media has landed a massive contract worth over £100 million which will allow the company to upgrade the backhaul networking setup for 3UK and Everything Everywhere’s joint mobile networks.

The contract, which will be valid for one year, will also allow Virgin Media to establish as much as 14 regional aggregation networks. These new aggregation networks will be aimed at connecting numerous base stations (thousands of them, in fact) all around the UK to its fibre networks, equipped with the ability to facilitate 1 Gbps synchronous Ethernet services.

According to analysts, this new initiative will help increase the capacity of these base stations by as much as 300 percent and enhance the backhaul infrastructure of Everything Everywhere. This is a huge improvement.

"We're absolutely taking share off BT – [MBNL's backhaul] was part of BT's estate. We're trying to bring competition to this market," George Wareing, head of mobile and broadcast at Virgin Media Business, said in an exclusive statement to Total Telecom.

"Cellsites that are not contended right now will be in the next five-to-eight years," he added.