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Wyse Technology Launches New Thin Client Products

Wyse Technology, a California-based manufacturer of thin client software and hardware announced the launch of several new products at the VMworld 2011 conference, held in August.

New products include Linux thin clients, mobile clients and new high performing thin clients.

According to Wyse, it has recently started shipping products such as the Z90DW and Z90D7, the company’s best performing thin clients.

The company also developed a couple of brand new Linux-based members belonging to the Z-class family- the Wyse Z50S and Wyse Z50D.

And when it comes to mobility, the company’s new X class Microsoft Windows and SUSE Linux- based platforms are now equipped with Microsoft Hyper V, VMware cSphere and Citrix XenServer.

"Based on our customers' feedback, we expanded our infrastructure management software portfolio and focused on a new vision to provide the most comprehensive infrastructure management software portfolio for any user or device in the industry," said the Director of Product Management for Wyse, Param Desai in a statement.