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£229.96 Acer Aspire M1930 Desktop Tower

Planning to change your existing desktop tower to something that is more powerful and delivers the computing performance you need for day-to-day routine word processing, number crunching as well as entertainment requirements? Well then read on.

The Aspire M1930 from Acer is a well-built desktop tower that is powered by Intel Core i3 3.1GHz processor which comes with 3MB cache. With the 4GB of RAM backing the processor, multi-tasking is like a walk in the park. According to user reviews “had 5 open iplayer windows and all ran smoothly”, which proves that no matter how resource hungry your applications are, the M1930 would take up the load just fine.

As is the processing power, so is the storage capacity. With 500GB SATA hard disk drive, you wouldn’t need an external drive to store all your data. In regards to graphics, the desktop tower has an Intel GMA X4500 which ensures smooth graphics for your operating system as well as games.

In terms of connectivity, the M1930 has a total of 6 USB ports, Ethernet, Multi-in-1 card reader, Headphone/speaker ports, etc. The tower comes with a keyboard and a mouse, but the monitor is not provided. The dektop is not loaded with any operating system either.

The Acer Aspire M1930 Desktop Tower is available from ebuyer for £229.96.