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AMD leaks 1.7 million DiRT 3 keys

Chip outfit AMD sems to have dropped a bit of a clanger with its latest promotional ruse to flog some of its graphics cards.

Buyers have been wooed with the promise of the free game to play on their Radeon cards and, in many cases, the ride 'em up Dirt 3 proves a popular choice.

Traditionally AMD supplies an unlock key to give the graphics card purchaser the opportunity to play the bundled game.

Unfortunately, the outfit has contrived to make some 1.7 million promotional keys for Codemasters’ DiRT 3 available by employing shonky security on its site.

The Dirt 3 keys use the Steam download mechanism, so users need only paste an unused key into a Steam account to get to play the game - until AMD and Steam block the keys. Finding and keeping in this manner is also likely to be deemed illegal in some places.

AMD appears to have forgotten to use .htaccess to restrict access to given directories on a server. This means anyone can see the full list of unlock keys.

AMD has downed the offer site while it sorts itself out.