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Australian Judge Requests Evidence from Apple to Demonstrate How Samsung Galaxy Tab Hurt US and UK Sales of iPad

Apple has hit a brick wall in its efforts to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in Australia after a judge asked for proof that Samsung’s infringement harmed the sales of the iPad.

The iPhone maker is currently trying to get Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablet devices banned on several continents.

Apple has been asked to demonstrate how the Galaxy Tab harmed the sales of the iPad in the UK and the US to improve its chances of getting the device banned in Australia, according to an article on Bloomberg.

An Australian Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett said that unless Apple offered solid figures, its claims that the Tab will harm iPad sales in the country will have little or no weight.

“Unless Apple puts on evidence showing the impact in the U.S. or U.K., I can’t draw any positive assumptions,” said the judge.

The judge, however, said that she will not force Apple to reveal the sales figures for the UK and US and also denied Samsung’s request to order Apple to reveal them.