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Environmental Groups Accuse Apple Suppliers in China of Breaking Environmental Protection Laws

A series of reports released by environmental protection groups in China have revealed the ‘dark side’ of Apple’s product supply chain.

Environment groups released two reports that allege Apple’s supply chain partners in China were severely violating the country's environment protection laws.

These organisations are now claiming that Apple has failed to address the issues of environment regulations violations by its supply chain partners.

“Each day, Ibiden Electronics Beijing Company produces several dozen tons of hazardous waste containing heavy metals, copper, nickel and cyanide,” the report read.

The reports, released by the Friends of Nature, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, Green Beagle, Envirofriends and the Green Stone Environmental Action Network, are organisations that work to help protect the earth.

The negative publicity has prompted Apple to act, claiming that it was looking into the allegations. The company pointed out that some of the suppliers mentioned in the report were not its partners.

Apple did say that it was willing to sit down with the organisations and actively discuss the issues.

“Apple will be committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibilities through its supply chain,” the company said.