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Exclusive : Carphone Warehouse To Sell HP Pre 3 & HP TouchPad Bundle From £15.50 Per Month

Carphone Warehouse's subsidiary,, will start to sell a bundle comprising of the HP Pre 3 and the TouchPad on Vodafone for £15.50 per month on a two year contract.

The deal will go live tomorrow from 10am and will be listed here according to an anonymous tipster who also told us that the cheapest deal will be the "Your Plan 300" which comes with 300 minutes, any network, any time, unlimited texts and Vodafone passport.

The TouchPad will be provided instead of the £50 Autocashback/Playstation Move currently on that page.

The total cost of ownership of the package, at £372 spread over 24 months, is exceptionally good. The cheapest HP Pre 3 in the UK we've managed to find costs £252 (unsurprisingly from itself) while the Pre 3 currently fetches around £249 at Amazon.

As for the SIM itself, Vodafone sells a 12-month contract with 300 minutes and 3000 texts (no Passport) for a whopping £10.50 per month. In other words, buying all three separately would cost you more than £750.

Our incognito reader also pointed out that the HP TouchPad will also be available with other smartphones but the Pre 3 bundle is likely to be the cheapest one on offer.