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Fifth Release Candidate for Linux 3.1 Hosted on GitHub, Not

Linus Trovalds has introduced the fifth release candidate for Linux 3.1. However, instead of using, the RC is being hosted on GitHub. is yet to come back online after it suffered from a massive hack attack reported last week. The move has now made GitHub the official source for downloading the new RC, for now.

“So it's been another week, and it's time for another -rc,” Trovalds said in a blog post.

“But hey, the whole point (well, *one* of the points) of distributed development is that no single place is really any different from any other, so since I did a github account for my divelog thing, why not see how well it holds up to me just putting my whole kernel repo there too?” he added.

The hack attack on Linux, which came just days after the open source platform celebrated 20 years in business, targeted a server called hera, which was used to maintain and distribute the platform.

Soon after the break-in, the users of were asked by the Linux team to change their passwords and Secure Shell keys. Later, it was confirmed that no changes to the source code were made during the attack.