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Google's Admob Designated for Mobile App Developers Only

Google has announced that it is going to move all its mobile advertising operations to AdSense, and leave Admob, which the company acquired last year for $750 million, entirely to app developers.

This new initiative was first reported via blog post by Clay Bavor, product management director for mobile ads at Google. According to Bavor, this is just another step in on-going reorganisation efforts which included moving AdSense inventories to Admob earlier in the year.

Bavor also emphasised that the transaction will be more or less gradual in nature. He also stated that Admob will continue serving ads to the older, WAP-based mobile websites until September 30 of this year.

“We're now pleased to offer a unified, specialised service for mobile website publishers – AdSense, which we encourage AdMob mobile web publishers to move to. AdMob support for older WAP mobile websites will stop on September 30,” Bavor wrote in his blog post.

“The net result of all this is that if you're an app developer, AdMob is your solution for monetizing, measuring, and promoting your mobile apps,” he added.