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Hitachi Introduces 1TB Per Platter Hard Drive

Hitachi has unveiled its first ever 1 TB per platter hard drive.With this release, Hitachi has followed the footsteps of the arch rival Seagate, whose own 1 TB per platter hard drive hit the market this past August.

Hitachi played it safe by incorporating a single platter in the 5K1000.B and 7K1000.D drives.

Surprisingly, Hitachi has come up with only one variant (1TB) of the product. The device's drive rotation speed stands at 7,200 revolutions per minute, whereas the Cinemastar unit exploits the company’s own Coolspin technology. The Coolspin technology ensures that the the platters in the disk revolves at a speed close to the 5,200 revolutions per minute.

“The areal density race continues and while having the highest capacity is appealing, reaching 1TB per platter is equally important as it serves a full range of applications and opportunities across the industry's largest market volume," said Vice President of product marketing at Hitachi GST, Brendan Collins, in a statement.

Future innovations at Hitachi are eagerly expected by loyal fans of the company.