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HP To Refund Pre 3, TouchPad Customers

HP will refund customers who have purchased and "activated/registrated (sic)" their WebOS account on or before the 22nd of August 2011 which was a Monday.

Four products qualify for the refund; the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of the TouchPad tablet (Wi-Fi only) as well as the HP Pre 3 smartphone.

The compensation will be the difference between the net purchasing price and the purchase price (excluding delivery but including VAT) which stands at £89, £115, £159 and £69 respectively.

According to Handtec, the only UK retailer which sold a significant number of Pre 3 handsets, this will be for UK customers only although the refund program appears to be available for Germany, France and Ireland.

HP says that the scheme will be available only in the UK and Northern Ireland and "for private end users and business customers" while excluding HP employees who purchased the products during the Employee Purchase Program.

This means that even if Amazon or any other major UK retailer doesn't refund the difference between HP's quoted prices and the selling prices of the devices, HP will refund the difference regardless.