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Late News: Dell Baidu Collaboration. What's Cooking? ComodoHacker Behind DigiNotar Hack

Baidu Inc. has announced its plans to come up with its own mobile operating system software that would be a derivative of the Android platform. The new offering from Baidu will be known as 'Baidu Yi' and it will bring along with it unique features of its own, and will be integrated with the company’s own web services, the Chinese search engine announced.

Dell's revelations today regarding its collaboration with Baidu is likely to raise some eyebrows if not the blood pressure of home rivals such as ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo; in the same way GFive Mobile teaming up with Yahoo in the US could be met with by some quizzical reactions. The Austin-based tech company is not a force to be reckoned with globally in the tablet and smartphone market, let alone in China.

Computer maker Dell has joined hands with China’s largest internet company Baidu to launch smartphones and tablets running on Baidu’s Android based mobile operating system in China. Baidu has announced its plans for the Baidu Yi operating system and revealed that it partnered with key hand set makers to offer the platform on smartphone and tablet devices.

Recent revelations indicate that the DigiNotar SSL certificate hack was pulled off by the CommodoHacker, who was also responsible for hacking another security certificate provider, Commodo. According to a blog post by firm F-Secure, the hacker made the disclosure on his Paste Bin account, which has remained silent since March 2011.

Google has announced that it is going to move all its mobile advertising operations to AdSense, and leave Admob, which the company acquired last year for $750 million, entirely to app developers. This new initiative was first reported via blog post by Clay Bavor, product management director for mobile ads at Google.

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