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LG, Philips and Sharp Form Alliance to Develop New Smart TV Apps Platform

LG, Philips and Sharp have formed an alliance to build a common platform for running Smart TV apps on televisions.

The companies plan to release SDK tools for developers, which would allow them to make apps compatible with Smart TVs from all the three companies. The platform will be based on open standards like HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV.

The TV makers believe that internet connected TVs have huge potential. By offering an app ecosystem, they will be able to replicate the success enjoyed by the smartphone and tablet device markets.

Using the common SDK, which allows them to create a single app from all three platforms, developers will be able to offer services like music streaming, on-demand movies and social networking straight to users’ televisions.

“This cooperation is nothing less than a watershed in the brief history of Smart TVs,” said President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, Havis Kwon. “By working in partnership with two innovators in TVs, we’ve taken a major step towards creating an app market every bit as inventive and dynamic as the one that exists for smartphones.”

The companies plan to release the beta version of the SDK in early October.